Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Looting the office..

Our office in last couple of year (and even decades) is going to be closed at the end of the month. Not only most of my colleagues are fired, but the place will be cleaned up and returned to the industrial park. All the equipment, furniture, flowers, pictures, all the history of 20 years will be gone.

CA decided to sell part of the equipment and donate anything else remaining. So in the last couple of weeks we were fully occupied dismantling the place. Everything movable was moved: desk, chairs, computer tables, cupboards, pictures and so on. Actually only the carpet remained untouched. In spite of the fact we took everything with permission, my feeling was like looting a place, just like in the old times during wars: the barbarians occupies the city and take everything movable. When a cupboard was taken, all the documents, disks, books were spilled out to the floor. Sometimes I fee I am walking on Dalfur's streets.

Yesterday the company's technical staff came and started to wrap up H/W: computers, phones, cables. They piled them up and packaged them for shipping them out. Rooms were filled up with 5 and 10 year of computers before some charity organizations came and took them away.

My heart is bleeding: this office was like a second home. It is sad to see it raped and plundered. But this is life, and life will continue. I will move home and will start working from home. At least I can go to my "office" unshaven:(

So long Tefen! Thanks for your service and your facilities. You will be definitely missed!

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