Monday, February 19, 2007

Closing an era... and an office...

I came to Tefen more than 20 years ago, in November 1986. I worked during this time in 4 different companies, but without leaving my office. I started at Informatics, which was overtaken by PMSC, who sold us to Sterling Software, who was acquired by Computer Associates in February 2000.

During this time I worked with a lot of people and in different projects. We had our ups-and-downs; we had our successes and failure. Now it is over. The era of Tefen is ended and a new period is started today: era of post-Tefen.

About a month ago we were in formed that our project is canceled, as the company decided to leave the market. Due to financial problems the company tries to minimize expenses and as a result our positions (at least most of us) are terminated. The official layoff papers were handed out today. Except some handful of people most of the team is going home. Some colleagues move to another office in CA, in another part of the company. Me and two of my colleagues are remaining (temporarily) in the office for a short project in another group in CA. Of course the office will be closed and we will be relocated to another office or will continue working from home - nobody will maintain an office planned for 30-35 persons just for three of us.

So the Tefen Lab, in the Tefen Industrial Park has come to its end after 20 year of service. Rest In Peace! You provided us a good place to work in; you had a good company to work with. You will be always remembered.

/* Thanks Asi for the pictures! */

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