Saturday, March 04, 2006

Time flies

Time flies. We didn't even notice and our kids are no children any more. Suddenly they are grownup, having their own will, their own style, goals and pace. Suddenly we, the parents, become not important, not deciding and not influencing.

My first shock came more than two years ago when my son Asa left for the army. Until that day he never even took a bus without our knowledge and permission. Unexpectedly, without even consulting with us, he decided to go to a fighter unit and he started to decide about his future.

The first shock came unexpectedly. I tried not to think about his leaving and I tried not to look how grownup suddenly he became. So when the parting came it was a real jolt. Now I am much more prepared. Aia is still in high school, but she is already an independent and grownup lady. Her time and her departing will come very shortly.

From one side it hurts to learn we became at most just friends, while in the “old times” we were like God for our children. They don’t ask anymore for permission or advice what to do. They just tell us what they want to do – or they simple let us know after the happenings.

But on the other side it is a great feeling: We did it! We raised them, nourished them, taught them, help them, equipped them with reasoning, with understanding, with the ability to decide, to choose and to understand. And now they are ready to stand on their own feet and lead the pack.

Good luck! Enjoy life! We supplied you everything you need. Ia m sure you will use your knowledge with wisdom, with reasoning and for good. Posted by Picasa

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