Sunday, January 29, 2006


Is any reason writing a blog? Is anything ordinary is occurring I must share with the whole world? Someone can say "absolutely not". I get up in the , go to work, sit in front a "TV screen" most of the day, go home when already dark, see the evening news and go to sleep.

Yes, in general it is true. But at the same time a lot of small (or not so small) and interesting and exciting and sometimes normal (or even boring) happenings occur, thoughts are popping up, people are contacted, projects start and drops, places are visited. And there is the family, children and their happenings,. And politics and cultural events, and successes and failures and the list can go on forever.

Life is not boring. On the contrary. Every day is a new day, a new opportunity, a new beginning. Every day there is something special, something beautiful. Sometimes it is just how the sun is shining. Sometimes it is the the caring hand of your wife. Sometimes it is something big, sometimes it is small.

The size or the importance of events is not important. This is my life, the first, the last, the only one.

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